Strawberry Letter 23

My 23rd birthday has been and gone. Another year. Some successes, some failures. I spent the majority of it working for a large tech company in London. What a city – if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I want to be there, right in amongst it all.

I treat birthdays as useful ‘reset’ buttons. They’re great opportunities to evaluate what it is you want to do, how you’re going to do it and (perhaps most importantly) why.

So here’s to another year. The ‘what’ I’m committing to is:

  • Getting physically stronger
  • Running further and faster
  • Practising mindfulness every day
  • Getting better sleep
  • Becoming more disciplined
  • Continuing to read at every opportunity
  • Excelling in my studies
  • Creating, not just consuming

I’ll write about how I get on with all of these. I’m certain you’ll all be able to learn from the cockups I inevitably make.

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