Birds flying high

Thinking about your life in its entirety is overwhelming. It can be especially hard when you have a bad day – when you disappoint yourself, when you don’t live up to your expectations. To err is inherently human.

But telling yourself that doesn’t make it easier to stomach the feeling of upsetting someone you love, skipping a workout, or procrastinating on that long put-off project. It’s easy to enter a downward spiral from here, compounding poor decisions.

Don’t let the fuckups define you. I’ve found this saying immensely important over the last few years. It helps me deal with my frequent, inevitable shortcomings:


“To the wise man, each day is a new life.”


Every single day of your life, you have an opportunity to completely reinvent yourself. It doesn’t matter how you spent yesterday. That’s over, it’s done, it’s utterly unchangeable. But you can do the right thing today. A factory reset. Your victories don’t last forever. But neither do your failures.

This saying has become a mantra to me. I’ve realised how incredibly lucky we all are just to experience being at all.

I genuinely look forward to making a cup of coffee in the morning. Smelling the beans, boiling the kettle, listening to the sound of the water hitting the grounds, the smooth plunge of my cafetiere. And that’s before I’ve even taken a sip. Something that on the surface seems mundane has become one of my favourite rituals. And every day I get to experience it anew.

You’re not indelibly tied to your past failures. You can define who you are. So find the beauty in every day and make the right choices.

Nina’s got it right.


I coupled this evening’s writing with a drawing. I’m not pleased with it – Nina’s someone I’ll definitely revisit.

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