Artistic genealogy: five inspiring creatives

I’ve been loving the process of sharing my work. You quickly discover the support, guidance and inspiration of this incredible creative community that exists online. It’s so important to realise you don’t create in a vacuum. So just a quick one today. Here are five incredible artists I’ve discovered on Instagram, who continue to inspire me daily.

1. @frauklinkig

This urban sketcher, based in Germany, has such a delicate mastery of form and depth. I love this piece below. Seeing this pop up in my feed was one of the inspirations to try out urban sketching. I love the absolute lack of ego and focus on the craft. Definitely worth a follow.

2. Albert Kiefer (@housesketcher)

Another artist who influenced my current urban sketching obsession. Firstly, bloody great Instagram handle – well in! Albert has a loose, frenetic style crackling with energy, which is interesting given his subject matter. He’s incredibly prolific, but it’s not a case of quantity over quality. Every drawing is gorgeous: I love his subtle use of colour. This is a particular favourite:

3. Paul Heaston (@paulheaston)

One of the very first artists I followed on Instagram. Paul is just immensely talented. I love his POV drawings. He’s also introduced me to the world of digital art – I may just have to invest in an iPad pro and jump on the Procreate bandwagon before too long. He’s got real mastery of his craft, and every time I see one of his creations I’m blown away, inspired and in awe. I’m reminded of the fact that I’ve got a long way to go.

You can see some of my clumsy, inspired efforts on my Instagram below:

4. Mark Leadbeater (@leadbeater)

I’m not sure how I came across this Melbourne based artist. But I’m glad I did. It’s not usually the kind of thing I’m into, but I find myself loving the work ethic, the themes and message behind this huge volume of output. I think Leadbeater has been responsible for inspiring hundreds of people to have the confidence to create, to not be afraid of putting themselves out there. I’m blown away by the commitment to seeing projects through to the end, staying consistent and focussed on what really counts: sitting down and doing the damn work.

View this post on Instagram

The work is the reward.

A post shared by Steve Leadbeater (@leadbeater) on

5. Mark Anderson (@azorch)

Mark also documents his work here – definitely follow him on both platforms if you’re interested in seeing something pretty damn special. I love the confidence in his compositions. That doesn’t come out the ether – it’s source is the years and years of daily practice I know he’s put in. That’s how he can muster up these stark contrasts, bold lines and interesting perspectives to create incredibly effective work seemingly at will. The little notes and observations he writes are also an excellent addition, and something I absolutely see the value in.

It’s important to acknowledge the influence of others on your work: I’ve learned something from all these amazing creators. Perhaps you can too.

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