A hole in 26

I was listening to music on my way to the gym today, shuffling a recent playlist I’d made. This song came on – an old favourite. But it sounded different somehow.

I took my phone out of my pocket and saw I’d accidentally added a different version. Take 26. I let that sink in for a minute. I’d, somewhat stupidly, always just had this perfect, polished image of the completed song.

The Beatles are, undeniably, one of the greatest bands ever to have existed. They recorded 26 takes (at the very least) of this iconic song, and every song. Even they didn’t hit it out the park straight away every time.

So why do we hold ourselves to such a strict standard?

I’m frustrated and disappointed when a drawing or piece of writing doesn’t turn out well the first or second time. That’s a naïve way to react. It will hold me back.

To make good art, we’ve got to let go of our ego, to be patient and willing to put in the work and focus on our craft every day. Go out there and get it done.

Don’t long for the hole in one. It’s lazy and unrealistic. Things take time.

Be happy with your hole in 26, if that’s what it takes to get it right.


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