Daily doodle: conspiracies and milestones

Today, I finally submitted my dissertation. What a weight off my shoulders. I feel like Sisyphus – if he actually managed to stop the boulder rolling back down the hill again!

Now this drain on my time and energy is finally gone, I can double down on creative output. I’m looking forward to more drawing, reading and writing. Combined with a healthy dose of travel, the next few months are looking pretty damn exciting.

I finished Ryan Holiday’s most recent work, ‘Conspiracy’, yesterday. I can confirm it absolutely lives up to the hype. I’ve read all of Holiday’s work, and this is by far the most impressive. It’s often said books should inform, or entertain: this does both.


It’s the tale of a billionaire’s conspiracy to bring a malicious media company to it’s knees, via the lawsuit of a former wrestler. It’s a powerful combination of different elements: historical anecdotes from the Persian era to the American civil war, evocative examples from the world we live in today and a thrilling narrative detailing the intricacies of how legality, morality and power play out over several years. Buy it.

This passage, right at the end of the book, was incredibly powerful – and I think worth sharing:

If you want to have a different world, it is on you to make it so. It will not be easy to do it – it may even require things that you are reluctant to consider. It always has. Moreover, that is your obligation if you are called to a higher task. To do what it takes, to see it through.

-Ryan Holiday, ‘Conspiracy’

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