Daily doodle: a foot in both camps

It’s tough. We’re in a world that increasingly rewards narrow specialisation. But I don’t have narrow interests. Why can’t I be a writer that draws (or an artist who writes)? What about teaming business and tech consulting with physical fitness?

I think it’s a race to the bottom to sacrifice everything in the pursuit of dominance in one tight, constricted field. There will always be someone better.

“Rip off something you love. Find something that speaks to you… And build it yourself.”

-Jim Coudal

Rather, let’s work on the stack of skills and experiences that makes you unique. Let’s be interested and curious about whatever we want without a fear of spreading ourselves too thin or not fitting into a neatly categorised box. We can combine it all together, practice patience and hard work – and reap the rewards when they come. In the meantime, we get the deep satisfaction of doing meaningful work and progressing towards a worthy goal.

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