Daily doodle: breaking new ground

This was the first time I’ve used watercolours in over a decade (probably). The point is, it’d be easy for me to stick to biro and pencil drawings. How am I ever going to get better without challenging myself?

I’m going to apply the same kind of discipline I bring to keeping physically fit (both lifting weights and running) to the creative process. Progressive overloading, trying new things all the time, creating with purpose and intent.

Do any of you deliberately push yourself out of your comfort zones? What are your thoughts on it? Am I just being a masochist? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I get it. If you don’t push yourself you won’t know what you’re capable of. Even if you push and it doesn’t work out, you know you tried and can now check out a new path. I hope the watercolours work out for you though 🙂

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  2. Challenges are something we hope to find a shortcut for… but growth takes time. My past is a great example of seeking shortcuts. I’ve also heard that “if you only do what you’ve always done you only get the same result.” New challenges, new outcome! Go for it!

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  3. I find the hardest thing about pushing myself out of my comfort zone is maintaining an attitude of experimentation and play. When I’m working with a new medium, its easy to focus on how it’s similar to what I’m used to. What is far more interesting though is when I focus on how it behaves differently and where that might lead. It means that I frequently make a big mess of it for awhile, but eventually I figure it out to some degree. Usually….


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