Ozymandias: or, the Strange Death of the Angry Internet Reviewer

My brother, Isaac, has finally set up his blog. He’s the best writer I know. Think Charlie Brooker combined with Yuval Noah Harari. I highly recommend you check his site out. This post is about the ‘angry internet reviewer’ culture, it’s prevalence in society – and what that says about us.

Isaac Hart

_20180418_114514 Aren’t you glad you never followed through on plans you made when you were sixteen?

Nostalgia was originally defined as an illness, suffered by regiments of the Swiss Army during the Napoleonic Wars. Simply put, it’s a longing for the comforts of home, the pleasures of youth, a yearning for some indefinable ideal of a past, lost idyll that is now beyond reach.

I am now going to talk at length about internet reviewer culture, what it was, and why it died last week.

I. Antique Land

Starting in the mid-2000s, the ‘angry reviewer’ was, for a time, the dominant form of media criticism on the internet. Pioneered by James Rolfe, aka ‘the Angry Video Game Nerd’, the angry reviewer is usually an exaggerated character who histrionically overreacts to perceived ‘bad’ media to comic effect. The angry reviewer doesn’t just criticise the movie- he shoots a picture of the director…

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