Why self-reliance is more important than ever in 2018. | 19/100

One of the most dangerous, damaging mindsets to adopt is that of the victim. Blaming your parents, your friends, your school, the city you grew up, the circumstances you were born into, the economic conditions – basically, anything or anyone other than yourself.

I’m sad to see so many of my generation relinquishing personal responsibility, blaming the world for rising property prices, for not finding a rewarding and well paid job straight away. So many twenty-somethings love to be outraged and offended and hurt.

Well, tough shit. Why should we get anything on a plate? Global economic forces do not care how you feel. The inflation rate does not care how you feel. The job market does not care how you feel.

“Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

You’re born. You don’t choose where, or when. Do you think anyone would choose to be born a peasant in a Gallic visit during the Roman conquest (and subsequent genocide)? How about growing up to be a Cambodian intellectual – only to be brutally murdered for your academic endeavour?

Of course, we should all strive in our lifetimes for the Rawlsian ideal – essentially, that everyone should have the same equality of opportunity, regardless of where you’re born. That’s one of the most valid, worthy, vitally important goals I can imagine.

But, how does that happen? How do we move closer to that being reality? Certainly not through moaning and wishing things were better. It happens through action.

We have to make the best of what we have, to be grateful for our gifts every single day – and go out and make stuff happen.

There is so much we have absolutely no control over. That’s not a curse – it’s a relief. You can relinquish all responsibility for anything outside your control.

Scan 05.04.2018 _2.jpg
Discipline = freedom.

But that relief comes at a cost. It means you have to accept what Jocko Willink calls ‘extreme ownership’. It’s the same attitude Ralph Waldo Emerson so eloquently wrote about in his phenomenal essay ‘self reliance’.

Don’t blame anyone else. You’re responsible for your life.

Act like it.



  1. I like what your saying and I wish I could boldly say the same. How strange that an artist would be afraid to say her truth, but that’s were I find myself. If I were to say “stop with the victimhood”, I’d be a called racist, a traitor to my sex, an old privileged white woman, and even the people closest to me would back away because I’m always kind, always caring and of course a lefty, so what the heck is wrong with me?

    So, kudos to you for speaking out.

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    1. Thanks Eve. It is somewhat of a bold stance in this day and age, and of course I’m not saying everyone has an equal shot or the same opportunities unfortunately… The playing field is stacked. My point is that it doesn’t help anyone to simply state that fact – we all actually have to do something about it. Everyone has to take personal responsibility, whatever their situation. Appreciate your comment.

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  2. I was very struck by your words because the mainstream media is so left-wing and gagged by political correctness that these kinds of ideas are simply not allowed. This is what the march for free speech in London last weekend was all about. Yet all too predictably those people were branded far-right racists. Personally I have always believed in individual responsibility and making decisions for yourself, and have seen just within my own family that this works much better than sitting around moaning and making excuses. If that makes me a far right / racist / tory then so be it. To claim victimhood seems weak, lame and the antithesis of feminism (for a woman, obviously). And by the way, there are plenty of kind caring people out there who are not lefties, they are just not heard. This is because they are not interested in signalling their virtue, they are just getting on with things.

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    1. Yeah, it’s certainly a critical issue. The importance of free speech can’t be understated… Personally, I think it’s crazy that having this kind of viewpoint is seen in any way as controversial! As you say, playing the victim never, ever improves the situation. That takes action, and a willingness to accept personal responsibility as much as you can. Really appreciate your thoughtful comment and support.


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