Stand your ladder against a different wall. | 026/100

“It’s lonely at the top. Ninety-nine percent of people in the world are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they aim for the mediocre. The level of competition is thus fiercest for ‘realistic’ goals, paradoxically making them the most time and energy-consuming.”

The above is from Tim Ferriss – NY Times bestselling author, one of the world’s biggest (and best) podcasters, and self proclaimed ‘human guinea pig’.

It’s a great piece of advice. It’s certainly something I could do with applying more in my own life.

We all doubt ourselves: our worthiness, our ability, our talent. And so we accept mediocrity.

Well, what if we’re not talentless? What if we’re deserving of ‘more’?

What could we achieve, if we just took that first step towards something great? If we didn’t shy away from the responsibility?

Let’s find out. Let’s shoot for more.


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