The restorative power of music. | 029/100

“Music can pierce the heart directly; it needs no mediation.”

-Oliver Sacks

Today, at about midday, I walked into Southsea town centre to grab a cup of coffee and take a break from studying. I’m feeling stressed out about my final exams, a little nostalgic as I near the end of my time living in Portsmouth, and kind of overwhelmed and emotional.

I’ve got my headphones in and a song from my youth comes on – ‘Read My Mind’, by The Killers. As my good friend Charlie knows (having witnessed me screaming the lyrics to everyone of their songs at a festival in 2014), this music means a lot to me. It’s wrapped up in my childhood, growing up, leaving home and striking out on my own.

Related image
Which bands appear on the soundtrack of the movie of your life? These guys feature heavily on mine.

It seemed oddly poignant this song should play as I approach the end of another stage in my life. And I just stood in the middle of the pavement, and let the music wash over me, and stopped thinking about everything for a second. I felt hot, fat tears well up in my eyes – but I was happy.

I never really gave up on
Breakin’ out of this two-star town
I got the green light
I got a little fight
I’m gonna turn this thing around

-Lyrics from ‘Read My Mind’, by The Killers

I don’t know why music makes us feel like this. But I know it’s a shared, human experience.

What songs move you? Listen to one of them right now. Put down what you’re doing, stop everything and just listen. You owe yourself those three minutes.


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