Stand up today. | 033/100

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.”

-H.G. Wells

Your past decisions are absolutely unchangeable and the future is incredibly uncertain. But, we’ve always got today. We’ve got the gift of choosing to do the right thing now.

My first exam didn’t go exactly to plan. After months of preparation, a momentary brain fart meant I plugged in a number into the wrong algebraic term. All the research papers I’d memorised, the complexities of behavioural economics I’d spent hours understanding – they meant nothing in that moment.

It rocked me. Immediately, I started doubting myself. I felt like I was on an extremely slippery slope towards despair and desperation. But, I caught myself (with the help of my wonderful girlfriend). I separated myself from that toxic chain of thinking.

I focused on doing what I could with what was right in front of me.

Two exams down since then, and the world hasn’t collapsed. I held my nerve… and I’ve only got one more.

I’m not sure exactly what the lesson is here. All I know is that it’s incredibly important not to dwell on what you might have done differently. If you fell down yesterday, you must stand up today.



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