All the way. | 37/100

Today is the day I finish my economics degree. In about 5 hours, I’ll be walking into the exam hall to sit my Behavioural Finance paper. 90 minutes after that, it’ll all be over.

I was always terrified I’d leave something in the tank this exam season, not give my all – and I fought hard every day to make sure that didn’t happen. Looking back at it now, I know I won that fight. I went all the way:

Like every milestone, once this has passed there’ll be a fleeting moment of glory – and then things will get back to normal incredibly quickly. Before I know it, my degree will be a mere speck in the rear view mirror.

I predict in about two days I’ll be itching for the next challenge. It’s always this way: yesterday, today, then tomorrow once again.

But, that drive for ‘more’ shouldn’t mean we forget to absolutely revel in those glorious moments. They’re few and far between.

And today, I intend to.


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