Get going. Don’t stop. | 41/100

I started this site about five months ago. Initially, the only readers I had were a very select bunch of friends and family. Since then, it’s grown slowly and steadily. I realised the other day I’ve got a solid couple of hundred people a month who stop by, and seem to enjoy what I write about.

I’m amazed at the speed this thing has gathered momentum. I can’t express how fulfilling I find all the work involved.

I’m telling you this because I want you to start that thing you’ve been thinking about right now. Don’t wait. There’ll never, ever be a more perfect opportunity. Stop reading this, write a list of how you plan to turn your idea into something tangible – and start ticking things off.

Let me know how you get on. I also just want to say an emphatic thank you. I so appreciate the community, the great discussion and ideas that come with this kind of forum. I appreciate the time you invest in The Ink. I’m working hard every single day to do the best work I possibly can. I hope you get as much from reading my posts as I do from planning, analysing and writing them.

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