The ‘sandwich on the mountain’ epiphany. | 58/100

An incomparable snack

The sandwich that tastes the best is the one you eat at the top of the mountain. I discovered that on a hiking trip in Sweden back in 2015.

Yesterday, a smaller mountain. No sandwich required this time.

The bread, the cheese, the mayo – whatever the ingredients, the sandwich itself is going to be pretty much identical to hundreds (or thousands) of the other sandwiches you’ve eaten over the course of your life: some on the bus, some in front of the TV, some sitting in front of your computert at work.

But, despite being essentially the same sandwich, the one at the top of the mountain tastes so much better. Why?

Context matters

How you ‘get there’ really, really matters (wherever ‘there’ is). That’s why a song can be meaningless noise to someone, and the most angelic chorus to someone else. You worked and put yourself through hell to scale that cliff. You earned it.

Things are better when you’ve struggled to get them.

Another example: I bought my first car aged 19. I paid for all my driving lessons, my insurance, the road tax, everything. It was a beaten up old Suzuki Swift, nearly 100k miles on the clock, and not the sexiest car in the world.

But, as I pulled it out of the lot, rolled the window down, felt the sun on my face and drove home, triumphant – I wouldn’t have swapped it for any other car in the world.

There is nothing better than adversity.

-Malcolm X

What are your ‘sandwich on a mountain’ moments?

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