Under pressure. | 66/100

I’m doing a speech at my graduation next month. Of course, they don’t just tell you you’re doing a speech and leave you to the ceremony. They want to check you’re along the right lines, hitting the key points and not saying anything completely inappropriate.

So I had a practice session scheduled two days ago. Trouble is, I’m in Sweden – so we turned to Skype. A slight timing miscalculation meant that I was in a car, crossing a river on an enormous ferry, when I got the call – not at home like I’d planned.

Still, I’d agreed to the time. So I had to do it. I propped up my phone, and recited the speech from heart. It was kind of noisy, hot, and the car was full of people – it didn’t matter.

The speech went well. I fumbled a few sentences, and the sweat was pouring down my forehead. But apparently, it was the best yet.

If we wait until conditions are perfect, until everything is ‘just right’, to perform, we’ll be waiting forever. Now is the best time to get going.


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