Lagom. | 73/100

Lagom is a Swedish word which means:

Just the right amount.

Balance. Between extremes, we have the third way – moderation.

I love coffee, but more than four or five cups, and I start feeling jittery. I love single malt whisky. But a bottle a night would mean financial ruin, the end of all my relationships and throwing my career away.

The same goes with exercise. Lifting weights is fantastic, but push it too far and you risk injury. There’s a lady in my home town who runs and runs and runs, all sinew and leathery skin – what’s she running from?

Strive for more lagom in your life.


  1. What came to my mind is that Lean thinking and output (flow) it strives to is also based on the concept of recognizing how much is necessary and then setting up the processes in such a way that all that is necessary is done just right.

    Lagom then in this sense is acute awareness of the needs and doing everything that is necessary 🙂

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  2. Interesting perspective – and one I agree with. It’s kind of an evolutionary, guttural thing – everyone has this knowledge that “enough is enough”. I’ve done a lot of work utilising agile methodologies. I think it’s a lot more in tune with how people actually work.


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