How we can all learn to live with a lifetime of small failures. | 83/100

“Shame saved me… Ego. Humility. Knowing how low you can go stops you from getting too fussy or too up yourself. I’ve done incredibly stupid things over and over again. It’s only a thin veneer which keeps you on the path.”

-Jordan Peterson

I left it too late. I flew back from Turkey today. A late flight and the usual airport carnage caught me out.

Before I knew it, midnight had come and gone – and for the first time in 83 days, I’d missed my daily blog post.

I was furious at myself for messing up. The first step was to detach from the situation, to take a breath, and assess the damage. Then I realised a fundamental truth.

These things happen. Not only that, but they will continue to happen for your entire life. Why?

Because we’re human. We mess up – frequently, and often terribly.

But, the important thing is to get back on the horse as quickly as you can. Keep the hammer to the anvil and don’t let your inevitable failures halt your progress. Just reframe them. They are, in fact, progress in and of themselves – if you choose to look at them that way, as Viktor Frankl would suggest.

So, here’s today’s post – slightly delayed. I’ll be back again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. The work won’t stop.

Like Sisyphus with his boulder, we’ve all got our load to carry, our own personal mountain to scale. The sooner we accept that (and start bloody climbing), the faster we bring our expectations in line with reality – and the better off we are.

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