Is it good enough? | 84/100

“The best is the enemy of the good.”


Do yourself a favour and take 5 minutes or so to watch the video above. Casey Neistat, award-winning filmmaker turned YouTuber, is talking a lot of sense.

We’ve only got one shot at this, people. One lifetime of opportunities: to consume incredible literature, to watch powerful movies, to meet amazing people – and do our best work.

One of the biggest problems for anyone trying to make something is fear: fear that what we make is shitty. Well, John Steinbeck was frightened of that too. Does that make him a bad writer?

Casey set himself the challenge of making (and uploading) a complete film, every single day. I watched his filmmaking prowess and his storytelling power, grow day by day.

It got me thinking.

So, for the past 84 days, I’ve been reading, watching, listening, consuming, thinking – and most importantly, writing. Every single day.

To give yourself a challenge like that – and consistently meet it – means you have to put that self-doubt, and the lie of perfection behind you. You just have to do the job right in front of you, to the best of your ability. One day at a time.

Some of my posts aren’t so great. Others aren’t half bad. Critically, they exist – which they wouldn’t if I was holding onto ‘perfection’.

Two words to drill into your skull when you feel the doubt creeping in: good enough.

Do the work. Churn it out. Learn from your mistakes. And take joy in the knowledge that you’re getting better every day.

Five of my favourite posts from the last 84 days:

  1. Why less is more: the economics of moderation. | 003/100
  2. Creative wisdom from Dave Chappelle: “The idea takes you where it wants to go.” | 76/100
  3. A paradigm shift in the creative process: work when you can’t create. | 49/100
  4. Making stuff needn’t be so tricky. | 45/100
  5. “When you’re bad, you stink.”| 031/100


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