I’m Joe Hart. Welcome to The Ink! It’s a constantly evolving online portfolio of my work (mainly writing, but some drawings too).

For the past few years, I’ve been reading, thinking and putting ideas together incessantly. Fear and self doubt held me back from sharing for a long time, so any output has been confined to notebooks, scraps of paper, napkins and receipts.

Sometime around October 2017, in the final year of my economics degree, I thought it was about time I started showcasing my work somewhere a little more permanent – and, here we are.

I wasn’t sure what this site would be when I started it. It’s morphed into a place I extract insights from different facets of life, document the process of trying to make good work, and as a way to bring clarity to my own thoughts. I’m asking myself questions, and trying to answer them through looking to the greatest minds in history. Hopefully we’ll all learn something on the way.

So, what do Rocky, a Navy SEAL and most stand-up comics have in common? How can a Swedish method of interval training help overcome your creative blocks? What can urban sketching and econometrics teach you about persistence in the face of adversity?

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