Today’s doodle: “When the train is in the station”

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Today was one of those days it took me about 40 minutes to warm up and nothing seemed to work. That’s ok. I kept at it, despite wanting to give up, and made something relatively ok in the end… It never gets any easier!

Happy Friday all. Here’s to the weekend.

Today’s drawing | “I am the law!”

Art, Creativity


I need to think of a good way to showcase my artwork. I’m not happy with my current setup. Thoughts, anyone?

Hope you all had a successful Monday. Mine consisted of a full day of lectures and seminars at university (including double econometrics… that’s particularly fun), an excellent ‘pull’ workout at the gym and getting a fair bit of creative output done.

Today’s drawing: “I am Spartacus!”

Art, Creativity, productivity

Enjoyed this one of a young Kirk Douglas, and actually fairly happy with the outcome. Drawing every day I’m definitely noticing an incremental improvement in my work. I’m getting more confident in my decisions – the complexity of poses, or the boldness of lines.

If you take a look back in my Instagram to around November (when I started drawing more regularly again) you’ll definitely notice a difference: they’re shittier, for sure:

I got my 1000 words written too, despite an impending econometrics assignment (maybe because of it)…

Keep working hard out there, folks!